It’s not always easy to keep track of your drug use, but it can be very useful and revealing to write down what and when you use. You may become aware of the circumstances of your drug use, which could help you to get more insight into your drug use. Research also shows that just the process of keeping a diary can already help to reduce your drug-use. In case you experience difficulties with your NPS use, it can be very helpful to become aware of so-called ‘triggers’ for use: in which situations and environments are you inclined to use? In the presence of which persons are you more inclined to use? Etcetera.

This is why it might be a good idea to use our NPS diary. It is the same diary as the one that is implemented in the intervention modules on this website. This diary, however, is a ‘stand-alone’ diary which you can use independently and individually. This way, you can keep close track of your use for yourself for as long as you like, to get an idea of the status of your NPS use.

You can use the diary on the website, or download the app at App Store or Play Store.

Important: If you decide at a later time you want to sign up for one of the online interventions, and you were already using our diary, you will be able to choose to take the information in your diary with you, and have it available during the online intervention, or you can decide to start over, in which case the information in your diary will be removed.